Another Day In Hell !

If I can get through a day like I had today, u can do it too!

I’m sure we all have days like this. You know the kind of day thay starts out good, and then gradually slides down hill from there.

To give you the details it went like this, I was just finishing up a bathroom remodeling job where I was replacing a bath tub with a walk-in shower. I was almost finished with the job when all I had left to do was to drill a few holes to mount some safety grab bars. Having drilled 8 holes through the nice tile job I just finished I found out 4 of the holes I drilled wouldn’t work. The wood I though would be behind the holes I drilled that were to support the screws to hold the bar was not there, So now I had to come up with another means to support the bar. Because it will be used to help someone in the shower support themselves it had to be strong enough to handle some weight. So I went to my local Lowes store and found some wall toggle bolts. They would support well ovewr 200+ lbs. Great, but I would have to drill a larger hole to use them. I went a head a bought a new diamond drill bit the size required and headed back to the job. Ok so now all I had to do to finish up and collect my money was to drill the holes and mount the bar. Drilled the first hole fine no problem. Drilled the second hole and “bang”! The drilled bound up and I crackeds the tile I just finished installing.

Great, here goes my day. Now I have to chop out the broken tile and replace it with another. So after much fowl words I set out to fix the mess I just created. I regained my composure and set out to get it done. And now after replacing the til I have to drill the holes. worrying all the while that I hope I don’t break another tile again. Wow I got through it with out a problem.

So good for me right, no that’s but the point I’m trying to share with you. What I would like to share with you is, shit happens and we have to deal with it. So we need to get our head together and face the problem head on and do what we have to do to get through it.

And that’s the main point of My Blog. If I can do it “U can do it too” Shit happens to all of us every day and we neede to find a way to get through it. And I want to help, by sharing my experience with you, and your experience with me I know we could get through it together.

Hi, I’m a 63 year old decorating contractor, who loves to learn and enjoys the challenge of solving problems. This is my motivation to creating this blog. I hope you will brings your problems to me and let see if we could get through them together. Jerry

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