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What I learn, I want to teach. That’s the purpose of my Blog, “ucan-do-it-too”. You see when I learn something new I excited to share it with anyone and everyone whom might be interested in learning something new or something that can help them deal with many of life’s everyday challenges.

So come along with me as we lean something we all need and that’s trying to get and stay up to speed in the ever changing and evolving world of the Internet and all of the opportunities and challenges it presents.

At first glance it’s overwhelming and quiet intimidating. It’s like where do you start? I’m starting out with this blog. Why because I feel that the way I need to learn something is by doing it. I’ve been reading and searching the internet and web for some 18 years now. Wow I can’t believe it’s been that long already, how about you?

Through out this time I have been inspired to think about all the many thing I would like to do with it. Make my living from it. I’m sure many of you thing about that too. Wether it be directly or indirectly. We all see the potential it has for communications.

We all see how communication is a key factor in getting where, what, who or whatever we want in life. Wether we need to convey an idea to our-self’s or someone else. How else could we ever know where to start or what were looking to accomplish.

Do you want to use the internet to advertise your business, to sell your wares and creations, perhaps your art be it, music, visual, writing? Want customers for you brick and mortar business? I think just about everyone see the power of this media.

So back to my original question. Where do you start?

For me I started with this blog. I found and great introduction into blogging that I found very helpful. It actually payed you to learn, as crazy as that sounds. And it is taught be someone with lots of experience in this area. If your interested his name is Jeremy Shoemaker and the program is call Shoemoney. If your completely new, it’s a fun and informative program.

But I have found a endless supply of free resources to help get you started and give you much of the information you need to get a through understanding of the ways to go about getting started. But like anything else that’s just the beginning, there’s a lot to learn so don’t be impatient. As I’m learning once you get started you start to understand more and more.

So as I stated in my title for this post Learn With Me and as I learn, I’ll love to share it with you. If I can do it, “ucan-do-it-too”.

To a great life together.


Hi, I’m a 63 year old decorating contractor, who loves to learn and enjoys the challenge of solving problems. This is my motivation to creating this blog. I hope you will brings your problems to me and let see if we could get through them together. Jerry

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