Many Great Returns!


Who said there aren’t any good safe returns on your investments today!

Well let me talk to you about something I’ve been working on. And after you done reading what I’m working on let me know what you think. Me and my wife have a little house sitting on a nice lot in a not so good neighbor hood, not a bad hood, but not prime let say. We have been renting this little house for some time now and getting a nice little income from it. Lets say just for discussion we put a value of $50,000.00 on it. When you see my example you see how this investment is worth a whole lot more based on most other investment returns, not counting the risks with some of these other investments. Now what I ben thinking about, and you let me know if I’m all wet here. You take that $50,000.00 dollars and put it in the bank and what will they give you in return let say a savings. Some people I know say there getting all of 1% interest.

That’s $50,000.00 X .01= $500.00 for the year, we won’t get into compounding right now. You take that same $50,000.00 and purchase a little property like the one we own and were getting $6,000.00 per year rental income ($500.00 per month).If we do the math on that, $50,000.00 X 12% = $6,000.00 per year gross. Now yes there are some expenses that you need to deduct from that. For arguments sake we say our taxes are $600.00 per year, you what? (remember this was not prim real estate. There is also insurance which we’ll say is another $1,000.00 for example. The other expenses are for maintenance. Even if we allow another $400.00 per year. That’s still a return of $4,000.00 per year. Which based on you initial investment, that’s still a 8% return on your investment. And you own the property which is more security that any of the other investments I can think of today.

So I ask you would you be interested in these types of investments? Let me know what you think and if you would like to know how ucan-do-it-too.

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