Where to find the wealth you already possess!

Are you already rich and don’t even know it?

Sure I’m rich, right. So where’s the money?

Where to find the wealth you already possess!

You’re the money, the value is in you. I’m starting to learn more and more that being rich is more than how much money we have and what we possess, but rather what we already have that money can’t buy.
We should all know the old saying, money can’t buy health, happiness or love.
But when we put this in perspective we start to realize that, as we look deeper into our-self’s what other riches can we find.
As for me it seems I’ve been on this journey most of my life, and I ask myself why.

It seems we all want to be rich, why? It seems people that are already wealthy are still searching for something. What is this elusive wealth we all keep searching for? Let’s assume we are already aware, and blessed with the three most valuable possessions one could have in life. But are we? It seems that for many of us we may not. Or at least not from our perspective.

So where is this going? Back to my original concept for this blog.

Have you ever noticed how quick we are to see the faults and value in other but for some reason not our-self? Why is that? And how do we change that? To see our-self as others see us. To be honestly objective.

So how do we do it? In everyday life with the people we care about the most. How can we be truly be honest and tell them, not easy. It’s easy be be critical of people we don’t know or care about.

That’s what set me off on this quest. How can I help my-self by helping others?
By using this blog I hope to be able to help other as they help me. See I think
by being anonymous, it would be a lot easier to tell someone what you truly
think about them, or about the challenge they might be facing.

By reading about and listening to their problems and challenges their trying to
coupe with, we together can be an objective source for each other, and help
guide us through the many trials and tribulation life sends our way.

Tell me what you think, Will it help? Can we do it?

Hi, I’m a 63 year old decorating contractor, who loves to learn and enjoys the challenge of solving problems. This is my motivation to creating this blog. I hope you will brings your problems to me and let see if we could get through them together. Jerry

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